Sign in Multiple Gmail Accounts at Once

By gmail | December 11, 2018

Having more than one Gmail account? Or want to use more than one gmail account at a time from the same device? You can do this on any kind of device. Following steps will guide you through the processes on how you can use multiple gmail accounts at once on the same device.

Personal Computer:

Using Web Browser:

There are several ways to use more than one account of Google at once. Using multiple browsers, yes you can use Multiple web browsers to use more than single gmail email at once. For example, you can use Google Chrome to login to your gmail account and at the same time you can also use Mozilla Firefox to sign in to another account on the same Device. You can use your one gmail account of Google Chrome and the second one on the Firefox browser at the same time.

Using Incognito Mode:

Having an account logged in your current default browser and want to use another account, you can use Incognito mode to use the second Google account. Click on the ‘File’ tab in the browser and select ‘New Private/Incognito Tab‘ from there. A new Tab or Window will be opened as incognito window. As incognito mode doesn’t save any kind of your browsing information (History, caches, passwords etc) it will also not save your previous session for the Google account.

It works on the newly created session for the current period in which you can use your second Gmail account at the same time.

Mobile Device:

Using Application with Browser:

By default in android mobiles, to use Google services you need to have an active account for the device. To download or install anything from the ‘Play Store‘ you need to be logged in to your Google account first. By default with the Google Play Services the “Gmail” application is already installed in your mobile device.

When you log in to your Google account in your mobile phone the same account will be automatically used for the default Gmail application installed on your mobile phone. Hence, you can use your account from the ‘Official application‘.

The second account you can use with your mobile browser, open your mobile web browser ‘Safari or Google Chrome‘ or any. Visit the official website of Gmail and then sign in to your another account by simply adding the details in the field. In this manner you can use your both Gmail account at once on your mobile device.

Using Incognito Tab in Mobile:

In the previous step we discussed about how to login to your Google account in the web browser. In the same manner for the PC you can start a new ‘Private or Incognito Tab‘ in your mobile phone. From where you can use your second Google account on the same mobile device and same Web browser.

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