Login to your Gmail account in Simple steps

By gmail | December 11, 2018

The most interesting thing about this Email service is that it automatically scans all the emails for the multiple purposes and in this scanning malware and filter spam are also included.

If your message size is more than 25 megabytes including the attachments then you will not be able to send it because its twenty-five(25) is the last limit of its storage, not only this information in this article we are guiding you step by step that how can you create a Gmail Account, how to Sign In and as well as its basic settings.

Creating an account for google is now very simple and its never been so easy for any email service before. You just need to follow few steps which are written below and now you can get an account easily with in 5 minutes.

Gmail Login in 5 Simple Steps

So in this article, we will show you that how you can sign in to your Gmail, for this you just need to follow the given instruction which is as given below:

* Step no 1: The very first thing which you will have to do is to open your Internet, open Google’s home page and search there for Gmail.

* Step no 2: As you open the Gmail home page on your web browser you will see an option which is mention by “Create An Account“.

* Step no 3: If you are here to gain some information about creating a Gmail Account so after these two steps Google will ask you some important and basic information about you and this information are:

Enter your first and the last name.
Then select your “Username“.

Choose a unique username for your unique Email Address which you want to use. We will set your username on the Email Address like “[email protected]gmail.com“. Mention your Email Address in the given section box of “Choose Your username” and continue to fill the rest of the information box.

Once you are done with your Email Address your next step is to mention your password. Make sure that the password you are mentioning on the section box must be strong for your own safety, your password should be based on at least eight (8) characters. If you want yourself very secure so just use letters and numbers for the strong security. You can also mention your existing Email Address which will keep your email secure because your privacy.

* Step no 4: If you want to continue that firstly you will have to accept Google’s terms and privacy policy, once have read it completely just click on “I Agree”.

* Step no 5: For the verification, Google will ask you for your phone number because by this step Google will verify your Gmail by sending the verification code on your phone number. Make sure that the given phone number is valid. Once you are done with this just click on “Continue”.

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