Gmail Account Issues & Recovery

By gmail | December 11, 2018

User getting trouble to Signing in the Gmail Account then Google is the cool breeze because it guides you for security information when you were registering your Account.

There are various different ways to recover your Google Gmail, in fact, if you don’t have any access to your recovery email, phone, or various option you also may be in the condition to reset your Google Account by your identity but for this you must have to survey the Google Account Recovery page.

Firstly it’s our honor to guide you that how can you recover your Google Gmail and how are the reasons by which you can not sign in with your Gmail Account. We are providing you the best solution steps for your Gmail Issues.

Following are the main issues for the users because these are the most common issues by which you cant Sign In with your Gmail Account and these issues are given below.

How to set up and use a recovery email addres

1. If you forgot your Gmail password.

2. If you forgot your Email Address or Username of your Gmail password.

3. In case you remember your Gmail Account Address and password but you cant sign in.

4. If you think that your Gmail is used by someone unknown.

5. If you are facing the problems with the Two (2) steps verification.

6. If you cant recover your Gmail login password although Google is sending you a code on your phone number.

7. If you are using your Google Gmail through your School, Work or any other different group.

8. If you are a kid and you are under 13 and you can not Sign In to a Google Account.

Note: If you need further more assistant, please check out account recovery guide.

Recover password of your Gmail Account

If you forgot your Google Gmail so don’t be panic in this article we are providing you the easiest way to Reset or recover your Gmail password, you just need to follow the following instructions which are as given below:

STEP 1 : The very first step is to click on an icon of “Forgot Password”.

STEP 2 : Now after the first step, your next step is to click on the icon bar “I Don’t Know My Password”.

STEP 3 : After that Google will ask you for your Google Email Address when you mention your Email Address just click “Continue”.

STEP 4 : Now you have two (2) options, first one is you must have to enter your Gmail Account last password which you remember and just click to continue. The second option is that if you don’t remember or cant memorize your last Gmail password so in that case just click on the icon “I Don’t Know”.

STEP 5 : Now Google will send you a verification code through the different ways like SMS, phone or by Email. When you get the verification code just click “Continue”.

STEP 6 : When you are done by mentioning the verification code Google will give you another option of “Re-Enter” your new password for Gmail Account. Once you re-enter your password just click on the icon “Change Password”. And then your Gmail account password will be successfully changed.

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