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By gmail | December 11, 2018

Are you willing to justify that why you should quit Gmail? It’s surely going to be quite difficult as one wouldn’t ever prefer to get rid of something that offers so many flexibility and free tools to get facilitated with.

Conversely, having too many accounts can be quite a mess when it comes to managing them all alongside prioritizing where exactly you want your emails to land.

Since you have convinced yourself on deleting your Gmail account, Google comes up with an amazingly smooth way-out here as well. Just go to the site in process to delete your account.

The process to delete your account will erase all your sensitive information alongside emails and all of the content you saved within Gmail. But remember that it will not remove your Google account permanently, which includes your search history, information related to your Google account such as YouTube history, Google+ page and Google drive history etc.

Without getting all your associations with Google fluctuated, you can get your hands off the account at any time.

In order to delete your Gmail account, you are supposed to visit in browser. Here you can delete your Google account using a web browser.

Click Sign in

This shows in the upper right corner of the page. To Gmail sign in first check if you are signed with the specific account you are going to delete.
As you’re signed in to your account, you can see your account profile picture in the upper right corner.

If you’re not sign in, click the “Sign in” option.

Here you enter the specific account you are willing to delete

Click there to delete your account or services. This will be shown at the bottom of the “Account preferences” section on the page.

Click there to Delete Google Account and data.

Here enter Google account password again

You may be asking to Gmail login password to sign in before you can access to the next page.

Double check the content that you are intending to delete.

Click the download data link in order to secure all your data. This will take you to the next page and walk you through the downloading section of your data.

Scroll down and you will confront the confirmation for deleting your account.

Here just Click Delete Account

Your account will start deleting after you click Delete Account. Right after having your account deleted ones, you won’t be able to access to all Google products associated with it.

Want to recover a deleted account again

In case you just accidentally deleted the specific account, you are given a short span of time to restore it again:

To recover, Visit

Just try to log in again the account you currently deleted

Now click the “Try to restore account” link.

Enter the last password you remember for your account to Gmail login. Just try to restore data before it’s lost completely, there are chances you can get back your account again.

Second Method

Deleting a Gmail Account

Visit the site using your browser.

Click Sign in button in the upper right corner of the page. Make sure before sign in it’s the specific account you want to delete.

After signed in, now you can see your account’s profile picture in the upper corner. Click “Sign out” and sign in with other account.

Sign in the desired account you want to remove permanently

Now click here to delete your account or services.

Just click delete products

  • Type your account’s password.
  • Click the “Delete” button now.
  • Enter an optional email for your account. It’s an email address you chose as an optional email to access other Google products such as Google Drive or YouTube etc. You would surely be required to verify your email address, so be sure the account is accessible.
  • Now click Send Verification Email button.
  • Open the optional email inbox.
  • Login to verify this email
  • Click the link to verify your email. Right after going through this process, your Gmail id will be completely deleted.

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