How to Avail New Gmail Updates?

By gmail | December 11, 2018

Amidst the news of new Gmail upgrade, many subscriber of gmail emailing services are flocking in to avail and upgrade their original account to new changes brought in.

Gmail commenced its new transition to new upgrade in April of 2018 after a long streak of no induction of changes into their system and interface.

The changes varied from not only making their services more secure but also making it more interactive and friendly by integrating new changes into its interface. If you want to upgrade your existing Gmail, follow our extensive guide.

What’s new in Gmail and what can you avail for now?

Gmail announced multiple changes to its services. Notable upgrades included “confidential mode”, Snooze, nudge, changes to interface, “High-Priority Emails”, offline usage and many more. How ever if you are deciding to switch to new gmail now, there are some changes out of above mentioned, that have been made available to users. We will now services you can now avail.

Snooze: Allows user to snooze particular message for a defined period of time.

Smart replies: Smart replies is another ready to use features on new Gmail. This features allows you to instantly reply back messages through preset replies. Way to save your time on typing!

Tool Panel: Gmail’s most radical upgrade include change in interface, where they introduced additional sidebar on right which acts as a task panel which has Google calendar inducted for you to easily manage your email and schedule them accordingly.

However, the rest of the changes would soon be available to its user as they are implanting their transition in phases.

Now coming back to upgrading your existing Gmail account. We would first like to consider the type of Gmail service you are availing, as the process for each category differentiates from one another. The main two distinction worthy to mention is either you are a regular Gmail user or a G-suite user.

Guide for Regular User:

In case you are a normal user with full access and authority to your account. The task is quite simple and easy to do.

  • Login to (if you aren’t an existing user you can always sign up by following the same link, clicking on signup option ,and just by filling required fields of signup such as desired Email address, password and other verification details such as Date of birth etc).
  • Once logged in hover around your screen and look for a setting icon which resembles a moving part on the top right side of screen just before the panel of your received emails.
  • Once clicked a drop box would open with multiple options such as Display mode, configure inbox, settings and etc.
  • On top of this very list you would find “Try the new Mail” option.
  • Click on that and you are set to enjoy the new features of Gmail update.
  • In any case you don’t seem to find this option available despite you being a regular users, come back after a while and follow the same steps, as it is possible that you are account hasn’t been made for upgrade, as Gmail is upgrading in sets.

Guide for G-Suite user:

Being a G-suite user means that your availing your Gmail services through your place of work or institution. In this case, the upgrade wont be able to you on your end, as it upgrades are restricted to Admin of your accounts. In order to avail this option you would have to contact your G-suite admin. The Admin can then opt in to new upgrade through “Early adopter program” through his google Admin Panel.

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